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helpful links the web toolbox

Here are my helpful links or what I call The Web Toolbox. Not to date myself but I have been on the internet since they gave away free 100 hour disks for AOL.  Therefore, I have the inside scoop on some of the best little known websites to help you along your way. Here are my favorite websites and a brief description of what each one does. Finally, am not responsible for, compensated, or have any affiliation with the mentioned websites, I just find them constructive. I will try to keep them updated as much as possible. 

Helpful Links for Domain Names

Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up.

Michael P. Watson

Find a Consistent Brand

I discovered this gem earlier this year and I wish I had found it sooner. This bad boy scours the web and makes sure, if your starting a new business, your new name or brand is available across multiple channels. No more searching for an hour or buying a domain name just to find the Twitter and Facebook handles are already taken.

What is My Domain Worth?

First, owning a domain name is an investment only if someone else also wants that domain name and there is no guarantee. I have seen really ugly domains go for big money and really great domains just sit auction due to lack of interest. If I knew the game better I would be very wealthy. This site will help you determine if your sitting on a gold mine or just a keepsake. 

Who Owns a Domain/Where is My Domain Registered?

If you want to know who owns a particular domain name or where your current domain name is registered I can help. First off, you will want to start with any WhoIs database as that information is public. As a result, registrars typically offer private registration so the owner can remain anonymous. In this case, we may have to go another route if interested in securing it. Contact me if you have further questions. 

Helpful Links for Troubleshooting

The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.

Ray Kroc

Outside View/What Does My Website Look Like Elsewhere?

Ever wonder what your website looks like in Ireland or Brazil? Well maybe your not curious so much as trying to troubleshoot if your having a local or global issue with your website. This website rocks! It will look at any URL and show you what they are seeing in that location. Your a essentially a website peeking Tom.

Going Way Back/Where did my website go?

Hold on to your pants kids, we are going way back to the 90s. One of my favorite helpful links, this website has been cataloging and taking snapshots of websites since mid 1990. For that reason, you may be able to pull an old blog post or even recover the content from a long expired hosting account. You can even see what looked like back in 1996. Check it out it will blow your mind.

Network Issues/Is This a Local Issue?

Ever wonder if your ISP is having network issues or maybe your Fortnite game crashed and your curious if your the only one? This tool allows you to view virtually every network status in real time across the United States. This includes cable and satellite companies, mobile carriers, streaming services, social media, and more. Be sure to click on the Live Outage Map in the center.

Analyze Speed/Why is My Website Slow? 

First of all, everyone wants a fast website so this one should be super useful. This website analyzes your websites performance and gives you a school grade. I have been using this for years and very rarely get an A score so do not feel bad as long as your not failing. In fact, at this moment I have this site open in another window. Once you get your grade, click on the recommendations below and view the “what does this mean” for further instruction. Furthermore, if you need changes made to your website I encourage you to contact me for assistance.

DNS Settings/Where is My Domain Pointing?

We will dive more into DNS settings later. Therefore, skip this one if your not already familiar with DNS settings. However, this helpful link will help you find your current settings and if you made any recent changes you can see them propagating in real time. There are a bunch of propagation tools out there but I like the look and feel of this one. 

SSL Checker/Why Don’t I See a Padlock?

If your using an SSL certificate on your website and are not seeing the usual padlock next to your websites URL this site can help you determine what the cause is. Most noteworthy, whether or not you have a SSL certificate or just mixed content not being protected. If you need help with securing your site you can browse certificates here or contact me for guidance.

Helpful Links for WordPress

A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.

Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

WordPress Support/We Are On Our Own

Most importantly, since WordPress is an open source software that means there is no such thing as WordPress technical support or customer service department. Rather, there are a ton of resources available and some hosting providers offer and charge for premium support. If your the DIY type this is the place to start and we will work on providing more Phoenix Web Guy tutorials for the WordPress platform.

Helpful Links for Branding


One of the best things you can do for your business is creating a great brand. Creating a logo and video content can seem very daunting but has an all-in-one platform. This allows you to create a custom logo, video intro, or even 3-D explainer to all on one website. They offer affordable pricing for single projects or subscriptions if you plan to keep your audience on their toes!