How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

how to choose the perfect domain name

Let me help you choose the perfect domain name with a few easy to follow steps and methods that I have picked up over the years. Your path to the perfect domain name will primarily depend if you have a brand or business name already. If you do not go ahead and skip to Part B below.

Part A

Have a Brand/Need My Perfect Domain Name

First of all, your perfect domain name will typically be your business name with a .com added to the end of it. I can not stress this enough: You do not want to add any hyphens (-) or numbers to your domain name! If your .com is already taken contact me and I will help you try to secure it from the current owner. Keep in mind, these domains will range in price depending on the seller.

Domain Name Taken/Exploring Options

If your .com domain name is already taken, and we can not secure, it don’t sweat it! There are plenty of alternatives such as .net and .org and a lot of new domain extensions. These new extensions allow you to have a keyword built right into the end of your domain name. These extensions also help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and tell people what you do in your domain name as well. Some good examples would be .photography and .realestate and can be search for here.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. 

Jeff Bezos

Part B

No Brand/Starting a New Business or Blog

starting a new business

If you are just starting up a new business or blog I can help you select the perfect domain name to help launch your new venture and get repeat traffic. I will give you a few things to consider, if you want to select one on your own, or you can contact me if you need some additional assistance. Don’t take this lightly as it is a very important step since it is the first impression for visitors. Lastly, your domain name is a direct representation of your business and should show up everywhere you can put it.

Shorter is always better!

Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better and especially when it comes to domain names. If you want people to find your website easily you will want a short and easy to remember domain name. There is a reason we Google and Yelp things, those names are very short and easy to type out. Would you really want to go to or Unfortunately, the majority of the really short domain names are already taken and if available fetch a pretty penny. Don’t be discouraged though, the main take away from all this is that you don’t want a super long domain name.

The most important thing to remember is you must know your audience.

Lewis Howes

What are people searching for?/Think Keywords

First, imagine your ideal audience or customer sitting down at their computer searching the web. What are they going to type into that browser? These days most of us treat search engines like a person by typing in questions. You can capitalize on those habits by getting creative with your domain and having an exact match for your audience. For instance, helps me to take advantage of local searches and people looking for a live person or “web guy”. 

Cast a Large Net/Own a Handful of Domains

Obviously you will want to own the name of your business, but you may want to consider snagging a few more to round out your domain name arsenal. This is like casting a larger net onto the web which in turn should get you more traffic. So a business named Joe Plumber LLC, he would be smart to own and as well. The first domain name allows him to keep his business branded while the second domain takes advantage of what folks are actually searching for in his local area. Once you setup forwarding or landing pages, all your domain names should lead to the same place. Now check out if you want to see what I mean or start searching here.