What is a SSL Certificate?

what is a ssl

First, I will explain what is a SSL certificate then most importantly, why you will want one for your website. SSL stands for secure socket layer and is a method of encrypting information. You may have been told that you need an SSL certificate or simply that your current website does not appear secure. Have you ever noticed the little padlock at the top of the page next to the website address? If you see one than you are browsing on a secure site. Bottom line, this means your information can’t get stolen easily by hackers when filling out a contact form, login, or making a purchase. As usual, if your lost contact me. No Padlock=Not Secure

Precaution is better than cure.

Edward Coke

The Purpose/What is a SSL Certificate

In layman’s terms, an SSL certificate scrambles up the information on a website before it sends it across the web. It then, unscrambles it on the other end so the information, if stolen, is not able to be read. For instance, if your at a coffee shop on a website without an SSL certificate your credit card information could be swiped by a hacker. Securing your website with an SSL certificate not only protects visitors to your site but yourself when accessing your control panel or login pages as well. 

This Site Is Not Secure/Warning Lights

Back in the old days you did not need a certificate unless you were selling products directly on your website. Well, over a year ago Google started announcing that every website out there should be using a SSL certificate. First off, Google is putting Not Secure warnings on their Chrome browser instead of the padlock normally found on secure sites. Furthermore, they will eventually show a red page that states: “this site is not secure, proceed anyway or return to saftey” which can result in lost traffic. It is hard enough to get visitors to your website you do not want them too scared to proceed anyway.

Safety is 30% Common sense; 80% Compliance and the rest is good luck.

Barry Spud

Easy SEO Boost/Get Ranked Higher

We are always looking for ways to get our websites at the top of search engines. Having a certificate on your website is one of the easiest ways to help get ranked higher. One of the many indicators of how you are ranked is whether your website is secure. Unlike keywords, certificates take very little effort or skill to get in place. To make it easier for yourself purchase your SSL certificate wherever your website is hosted so it is automatically installed and renewed. I offer affordable certificates as well.